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1 of 1 Live Edge Black Walnut Bench, handcrafted from a gorgeous, locally sourced live edge slab.

These one of a kind pieces are handmade from start to finish. Our process starts with careful, meticulous selection from a local supplier, which makes these pieces sustainable too. 

Only one of these gorgeous Double Sided Live Edge pieces was available for purchase, meaning this is a truly unique, 1 of 1 bench. 

This bench has been flattened, and sanded down to an ultra-smooth finish over the course of 2-3 weeks. Subsequently, both the top and bottom sides of the piece were finish with an oil-based urethane, which ensures no moisture seeps in and guarantees long lasting durability. After the finish completely cures, a layer of protective wax has been buffed onto the top to give it that extra shine and hardness. 

Approximate size

Length: 60”
Depth: 16” (Average)
Height w/ Legs: 18”

Slab Type: Double Live Edge Black Walnut
Slab Thickness: 2.5"

Live Edge Black Walnut Bench

Out of Stock
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